About Us

OUR STORY: A passion for collecting Original Vintage Bollywood Posters from all around India 30 years back led to the foundation of Heritage India in 2001 (later changed to Posterally Studio). The brand started with the aim of offering easy access to these rare and authentic collectibles to the people who share this passion with us. The efforts to make our exclusive products and services available to a wider audience in a more efficient and hassle-free way resulted in us taking a new approach to our brand and hence the transformation from Heritage India to Posterally Studio, in 2019. Our core beliefs and brand values – authenticity, customer commitment, quality, integrity, and teamwork – continue to remain the same. We are dedicated to offering the widest, rarest, and best quality products in the world.

Today, we at Posterally Studio offer the biggest online collection of authentic Bollywood movie posters to people globally, in our effort to revive and keep alive the forgotten hand-painted Bollywood movie poster culture. Meticulously collected and preserved by us over the past 30+ years, our collection of vintage Bollywood movie posters includes some of the only few existing authentic posters of classics like Mughal Azam, Barsaat, Sholay, Umrao Jaan etc. Each individual poster from our collection represents a forgotten era of the Indian cinematic history, thus making these a rare collectible artform with no parallel anywhere else in the world.

We offer the following products and services:

  • Original Bollywood posters (100% authenticity guaranteed).
  • Hollywood poster prints.
  • Vintage engraving and lithograph prints.
  • Framing and mounting services.
  • Rare collectable coffee table books.
  • Leather Book Binding services.
  • We also have a wide range of original posters that are available on request.

We assure our customers 100% satisfaction with the highest quality of products and services. For any inquiries/help contact us at contact@posterally.com.